December 08, 2017

LARA TRUMP: Fearless Leadership Behind Better Than Expected Jobs Report

NEW YORK, NY – The following is a statement by Lara Trump, Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., in response to the new jobs report for November.

“We have yet more proof today that President Trump’s leadership is working to Make America Great Again…228,000 new jobs created in November – well beyond expectations! Deregulation, consumer confidence, businesses investing, new manufacturing facilities, and 1.7 million new jobs created to date – all have one thing in common: the fearless leadership of President Donald J. Trump. Now, with historic tax cuts imminent, Americans can dream endless possibilities once again. It’s just one more reason to celebrate tonight at our Make America Great Again rally in Pensacola, Florida at 8 pm ET. Don’t miss it!”

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