The Establishment

I want to win for the people of this great country. The only people I will owe are the voters. The media, special interests, and lobbyists are all trying to stop me. We won’t let that happen!

Trade War

Our country is getting ripped off. We need the smartest people negotiating for us!

Making Deals With Congress

I would love to see the Republican party and everyone get together and unify. When we unify there is nobody who is going to beat us!

Law Enforcement Respect

The police in our country do not get respect. Our law enforcement officers deserve our appreciation for the incredible job they do.

First Day In Office

What I would do on my first day in office.

Competent Leadership

America needs strong leadership. Politicians can talk but they don’t get things done. I have a strong track record of success and if elected I will do what I have promised to do: ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬!

Drug Epidemic

The New Hampshire drug epidemic must stop. If elected POTUS — I will create borders and the drugs will stop pouring in. We will ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬!

Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die: A motto for the whole country to follow.

The 2nd Amendment

Politicians are trying to chip away at the 2nd Amendment. I won’t let them take away our guns!!

Political Correctness

Being politically correct takes too much time. We have too much to get done!

Self Funding

I am self funding my campaign so I don’t owe anything to lobbyists and special interests. I will bring the greatest negotiators and smartest operators to Washington to help Make America Great Again!

Illegal Immigration

If we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country. We need to BUILD A WALL that will keep illegal immigrants out.

Unifying The Nation

I will unify and bring our country back together. We will be unified, we will be one, we will be happy again.


I will end common core. It’s a disaster.

The Military

I will make our Military so big, powerful and strong that no one will mess with us.


I will be the greatest job-producing president in American history.

Life Changing Experiences

America has been great to me, I want to be great to America. I want to put us back on the right course and Make America Great Again!

The Economy

$19 trillion of debt and growing is a crushing burden to leave young Americans