August 08, 2020

1 YEAR AGO: Joe Biden’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Wondering why Joe Biden’s handlers keep him locked in his basement? Last year’s events offer some insight. One year ago today, Biden had what can only be described as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. It’s very clear that these moments are part of a larger pattern of Joe Biden’s racism, cognitive decline, and embrace of the far left.

And yes, all this really happened on one day.

  • Biden said “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Since Biden’s racist remark last year, he has told Black Americans they “ain’t Black” unless they automatically vote for him, asked a Black journalist if he was a “junkie,” and said Black Americans don’t have diversity of thought.
  • Biden insisted America could take in 2 million more immigrants “in a heartbeat” – a move that would depress wages, take jobs from American workers, and overcrowd schools.
  • Biden said there are “at least three” genders, but then refused to name them.
  • Biden told voters he chooses “truth over facts” – an instantly classic flub that inspired a hilarious short film series.
  • Biden confused UK leader Theresa May with her long-dead predecessor Margaret Thatcher, for the second time. Barely There Biden has forgotten what state he’s in multiple times, who the last president was, how many grandkids he has, the name of President Xi Jinping, the word “equal” in the Declaration of Independence, and what office he is running for.
  • Biden laughably cited the failed Paris Climate Accord as an example of what he did to be tough on China. The unenforceable agreement hurt Americans and cost a fortune while failing to hold China accountable. Biden gave China a pass for 8 years as vice president, and given the chance he’ll do it again.

Now you know why Biden’s handlers are doing their best to keep him locked in his basement, away from the public eye. Joe Biden is unfit to lead.

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