July 05, 2020

1 YEAR AGO TODAY: Joe Biden Outlines Plans to Put Americans Last

Two straight months of record job creation and an unemployment rate falling much faster than experts anticipated proves the Great American Comeback is underway. But the surest way to stop America’s historic comeback right in its tracks? A Joe Biden presidency. 

One year ago today, Joe Biden appeared on CNN and revealed just how destructive he would be as president:

It's no wonder Biden oversaw the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression the last time he was in charge. Biden is sticking with failed, old, liberal ideas that will kill jobs, drive down wages, and hurt middle-class families. Biden’s radical Green New Deal would threaten millions of jobs and cause electric bills to skyrocket; he has said “the first thing” he would do is end President Trump’s middle-class tax cuts – and his plan would ultimately raise taxes by a whopping $4 trillion.

Biden doesn’t have a clue. When Biden was recently asked if America’s economy was poised to surge back from the global pandemic, he laughed and said no. He was wrong. Thanks to President Trump’s quick and decisive actions, we are seeing an unprecedented economic recovery including a record 4.8 million jobs added in June.

President Trump built the greatest economy in the history of the world, and he will do it again. Renewing, restoring, and rebuilding our economy can only be stopped by one thing: Joe Biden’s bad policies.

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