June 27, 2020

1 YEAR AGO TODAY: Joe Biden Pledged to Give Free Health Care To Illegal Aliens

One year ago today at the first Democrat debate, Joe Biden proudly raised his hand in support of giving free health care to illegal aliens.

Later in the debate, Biden doubled down on this position, saying, “no matter where they come from, no matter what their status… it’s just going to be taken care of.

But the people “taking care” of Biden’s free-health-care-for-illegals scheme are working-class Americans who will be forced to foot the bill.

This extreme proposal would encourage more illegal immigration and make our health care system even more expensive. But it’s not the only open-borders, “America last” proposal from Biden:

Joe Biden will never put the safety and wellbeing of Americans first. He will put illegal immigrants ahead of hardworking Americans – because it’s what the radical left demands, and he is too weak to stand up to them.

Unlike Sleepy Joe, President Trump supports strong borders, the rule of law, and the right of American citizens to have a government that prioritizes their physical and financial health. As President Trump said, "As president, I will never allow the Democrats to take away your health care dollars and give them to people that are in our country illegally."

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