July 01, 2020

1 YEAR AGO TODAY: Obama-Biden Official Says Joe Biden Put Kids In Cages

One year ago today, the Secretary of Homeland Security under Vice President Joe Biden, Jeh Johnson, admitted that the Obama-Biden Administration put “kids in cages.” Biden has falsely claimed that people were not locked in cages on his watch, but Johnson said that “Chain-link barriers, partitions, fences, cages, whatever you want to call them, were not invented on January 20, 2017.”

But Biden keeps trying to rewrite his record. In February, Biden told Jorge Ramos in an interview that "We didn't lock people in cages,” to which Ramos replied “you actually did.” Congressional Democrats even got caught using a photo of Biden’s cages to attack the Trump Administration.

To make up for his record, Biden is allowing open-border extremists to dictate his immigration policy. Biden pledged to ban all deportations and wants to shut down detention centers on the border. He also supports dangerous sanctuary cities that protect illegal aliens and endanger American lives.

These types of policies are “way too far to the left” and encourage “more illegal immigration,” said Johnson. “We lose control of our borders.” That’s what a Biden Administration would look like.

Biden won’t put America first, but President Trump will. He’s fighting to keep America safe. President Trump has built over 222 miles of wall and struck a deal with Mexico to patrol their side of the border, dramatically decreasing apprehensions. Thousands of MS-13 gang members and other criminals have been arrested illegally entering the United States. This year alone, officers seized nearly 450,000 pounds of drugs destined for American neighborhoods.

America needs a president who prioritizes the health and safety of our communities. Joe Biden is too weak to stand up to the radical left. He will open up our borders and invite more violent crime and deadly drugs into the United States. President Trump’s commonsense immigration policies put American families first.

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