June 23, 2020

11 Years Ago Today: Obama Admitted A ‘Public Option’ Could Destroy Private Health Plans

In yet another sign of his weakness, Biden caved to the far left and proposed a taxpayer-funded, government-run “public option” in his campaign to end Obamacare as we know it. This health care scheme would lead to millions of Americans losing the private health insurance plans they get through their jobs. Don’t take our word for it: 11 years ago today, President Obama admitted that there are “legitimate concerns” that the type of plan Biden proposed could separate Americans from their health coverage.

“I think there can be some legitimate concerns on the part of private insurers,” President Obama said in a 2009 press briefing, “that if any public plan is simply being subsidized by taxpayers endlessly, that over time they can’t compete with the government just printing money.”

As Obama and Biden raise money together today, this is a stark reminder that the public option championed by Joe Biden will kill the private insurance plans held by millions of Americans. It wasn’t just President Obama who acknowledged this fact. Jonathan Gruber, the architect of ObamaCare who has now endorsed Joe Biden’s health care plan, authored multiple studies that confirm government-run health insurance drives people off of their private health plans.

“If the Democrats are right and the public option is better, then it'll wipe out the private choice,” Gruber once said. And of course, that’s Democrats’ real goal. “For people out there who like their insurance, they don’t get to keep it?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Kamala Harris last year. “Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on," Harris responded.

Biden’s plan also threatens to shut down rural hospitals, which are often the largest employers for Americans who live in rural areas.

Despite these facts, Biden is repeating Obama’s infamous “if you like your plan, you can keep it” lie and hoping voters won’t notice. With Biden refusing to hold a press conference for 82 days and counting, his handlers’ strategy of stiff-arming any and all scrutiny appears to be a key part of that plan.

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