September 19, 2020

20 YEARS AGO TODAY: Joe Biden Votes To Give China ‘Most Favored Nation’ Trade Status

Twenty years ago today, Joe Biden cast one of the worst votes of his 36 years in the Senate when he supported giving “most favored nation” trade status to communist China. Biden took China at their word, believing they would abide by international rules and overlooking their blatant and egregious human rights abuses. He stupidly reassured Americans that he did not foresee “the collapse of the American manufacturing economy” and that his vote was “designed to encourage China’s development as a productive, responsible member of the world community.”

Just this month, when given the chance to admit his mistakes by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Biden refused to acknowledge his failure, instead insisting “we want China to grow.”

Just like with everything else he’s done in office, Biden was proved terribly wrong. Biden’s vote to open up America’s workforce to China’s manipulative trade practices led to the loss of 3.2 million jobs and shut down tens of thousands of manufacturing factories.

Instead of apologizing for his vote or working to fix his mistakes, Biden doubled down. For years, Biden defended China, saying, “It is in our self-interest that China continue to prosper,” that “China’s not a problem,” and that China is “not competition” for America. Biden even said just last year that Chinese government officials are “not bad folks.” Biden also recently admitted he would end President Trump’s tariffs on China without getting anything in return, reverting back to the failed status quo. After China unleashed a deadly virus on the world and blamed American troops, Biden didn’t attack the Chinese – he parroted their talking points and attacked President Trump for telling the truth about where the virus came from.

President Trump was right when he said this isn’t a race between Scranton and Park Avenue, it’s a race between Scranton and China, which has had Joe Biden at its beck and call for decades.

In contrast, President Trump is keeping his promise to hold the Chinese government accountable. He negotiated a trade deal that puts American workers first. He is pulling critical supply chains out of China. He called out China for its coronavirus coverup. He took a hard line on China’s inexcusable intrusions into Hong Kong. In fact, ending American reliance on China is a main tenant of President Trump’s second term agenda.

Joe Biden had a lifetime to prove he has what it takes to get tough on China­ – and he failed. Beijing Biden has never stood up to China, and he never will.

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