June 30, 2020

68% of Voters Are Concerned About The Security of Mail-In Ballots

Ramona Javier never received a mail-in ballot for New Jersey’s vote-by-mail election. Neither did eight of her family members and immediate neighbors. But they are all listed as having voted in the recent election. “We did not receive vote-by-mail ballots and thus we did not vote,” said Javier. “This is corruption. This is fraud.”

Stories like Ramona’s are why 68% of registered voters worry about vote tampering with mail-in ballots. Joe Biden’s vote-by-mail plan will ensure fraud and corruption plague our elections.

New Jersey’s municipal mail-in election and mail-in primary elections were small scale experiments in what Democrats want to do nationwide this November. The disastrous outcomes should worry any American who supports the principle of one person, one vote.

In New Jersey’s municipal election, 1 in 5 ballots were rejected as fraud, and four men, including two Democrat councilmen, have been charged with mail-in voter fraud.  

Over 800 ballots were invalidated because they appeared in mailboxes improperly bundled together, with one mailbox containing hundreds of ballots in a single packet. Large numbers of mail-in ballots were left on lobby floors of apartment buildings. They never reached residents’ mailboxes. Thousands more ballots were delivered weeks after election day and were unable to be counted, despite being postmarked in time.

Ahead of New Jersey’s vote-by-mail primary election on July 7, voters are already being disenfranchised, with thousands being told they won’t receive their ballots until after the election. The Statewide Voter Registration System needed to process mail-in ballot requests crashes several times a day. One county election official said, “we are not capable of running this election in the time allotted.”

Joe Biden doesn’t care that voting in person is far more secure than voting by mail, nor does he care about disenfranchising thousands of Americans like Ramona Javier. He would rather put Democrats’ partisan plot to seize power before protecting our free and fair elections .

President Trump is fighting to ensure all Americans’ right to vote is protected, and everyone’s vote matters. Voters deserve to have faith that their vote will be counted – vote-by-mail puts that at risk.

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