May 08, 2020

‘A Colossal Technological Trainwreck’: Biden’s Virtual Rally Disaster

Biden’s virtual Florida rally was nothing short of an absolute disaster – and that’s being generous. Joe Biden’s glitch-filled example of how not to do a web eventis his campaign’s latest failed attempt to generate excitement for his listless, sleepy campaign. One reporter noted, the "Trump campaign went on and on all day on press calls about how Biden isn’t up to snuff with their tech operation and then they go and reinforce the Trump narrative of their own campaign. Unbelievable."

In contrast, Team Trump has seamlessly transitioned to virtual campaigning. With glitch-free broadcasts airing 7 days a week to millions of viewers, over a million volunteers making millions of phone calls, and an app that is beating all network and cable news apps, it’s obvious that Sleepy Joe just can’t keep up.

Don’t take our word for it:

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