March 25, 2020

Americans Voice Strong Support for President Trump’s Action Against the Coronavirus

President Trump took early, decisive action to combat the coronavirus and protect the health and safety of Americans. While Democrats and their media allies attack the President, sow division and spread blatant lies in the middle of a global pandemic, the American people are uniting behind the Trump Administration’s unprecedented effort to fight this invisible enemy.

New polling finds a strong majority of Americans support President Trump’s management of the crisis. His overall job approval reached record highs:

  • Gallup: 60% approve of the President’s response to the coronavirus, including a strong majority of Independents.
  • The Harris Poll: 56% approve of President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.
  • ABC/IPSOS Poll: 55% approve of the way Donald Trump is handling the response to the coronavirus, a 12-point increase from the last time the same poll was conducted.

As support for President Trump’s response increases, Gallup finds that 55% of adults disapprove of the way the news media is handling the response to the coronavirus in the U.S. Only 44% approve – 16 points lower than President Trump’s approval rating.

President Trump promised all Americans that “we love them, we’re with them, and we will not let them down.” Americans heard the President’s message and are choosing his decisive action, optimism and unity over the division, fear-mongering and partisanship being pushed by Joe Biden and the media.

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