May 20, 2020

Another Biden Interview, Another Disaster

Joe Biden can’t seem to get through an interview without technical glitches, interruptions from honking geese, trying to talk to a pre-recorded video, or forgetting something important. Last night’s disastrous Yahoo News “town hall” was no exception:

  • Joe Biden forgot the name of the coronavirus (not the first time!).
  • Joe Biden couldn’t remember the size of the 2009 stimulus bill he claims he spent every day running. He said it was $84 billion, but it was ten times that.
  • Joe Biden forgot he fired an inspector general as vice president. “I don’t recall that,” he muttered. “I don’t ever remember” that.
  • Joe Biden says he didn’t watch Tara Reade’s interview because he didn’t want to, then added every woman has a right to be heard.”
  • Joe Biden claimed President Trump failed to order the government to buy food from farmers and sell it to food banks. In fact, President Trump did that 10 days before.
  • Joe Biden lied, saying President Trump is not allowing President Obama’s picture to be hung in the White House. But NBC News reported Obama is the one skipping the unveiling.
  • Joe Biden forgot what century he was in (again!).

Biden’s embarrassing performance last night is one of many interviews where he gets “tired” and finds himself “searching [for words] for a second.” It’s no wonder Biden’s staff has to beg interviewers to stop asking questions before things get too bad!

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