August 07, 2020

ANOTHER RECORD: 1.8 Million Jobs Added In July, Dwarfing Any Month of Joe Biden’s “Recovery”

The U.S. economy added 1.8 million jobs in July. The unemployment rate fell nearly a full point. After May and June’s record-busting jobs reports, today’s news is yet another sign President Trump is making America’s economy great again. Despite the liberal media’s attempt to downplay it, it’s undeniable that today’s jobs report is another smashing success.

Notably, 1.1 million of the jobs added last month went to women. The unemployment rate fell across the board, including for women, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and veterans.

This jobs report is also a reminder that Joe Biden’s polices would strangle the Great American Comeback. Biden presided over the slowest economic “recovery” since the Great Depression; for comparison, today’s report of 1.8 million jobs added is more than three times bigger than the best month Joe Biden ever delivered.

Despite his record of failure, Biden is pledging to repeat his mistakes, doubling down on his failed, old, liberal ideas of raising taxes, more red tape, smothering American-made energy and sacrificing jobs. President Trump is the only candidate who knows how to fire up our country’s economic engine with pro-worker policies that put America first.


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