June 02, 2020

‘Architect of Mass Incarceration’ Joe Biden is A Race-Baiter Who Seeks to Sow Division


President Trump made it clear that George Floyd should still be alive and that he supports peaceful protesters demanding justice. He has also made it clear that the violent and bloody scenes unfolding in streets across America are absolutely unacceptable and must be put to an end.

While President Trump leads, Joe Biden has tried to politicize this crisis since the beginning. He failed to condemn the violence for days, and just delivered a speech posing as a unifier. Biden’s self-imagined reinvention as a racial healer is laughable and requires memory-holing decades of racially inflammatory rhetoric:

This week, Biden’s national press secretary tweeted that the President is a “white supremacist,” while Biden’s campaign staff helped post bail for rioters arrested for looting and violence. A Biden staffer tweeted and deleted, “Stop raising your kids to be ‘respectful’ of white people in power and teach them that respect is earned. Period.” And who can forget Biden’s top advisor, Symone Sanders, laughing off a mob beating a Chicago man by saying, "Oh, my goodness! Poor white people, please!"

Biden hasn’t just stoked America’s racial divisions over the course of his decades in Washington. Biden was the chief architect of mass incarceration and the War on Drugs, which targeted Black Americans:

  • Biden admitted he is directly responsible for the mass incarceration policies of the 1980s and 1990s, authoring the 1994 crime bill which decimated Black communities.
  • Biden voted to extend minimum penalties for people under 21 charged with selling marijuana, and introduced the civil forfeiture legislation which allows the government to seize assets of citizens accused of drug crimes.
  • Biden helped write the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which created the 100:1 crack cocaine sentencing disparity and disproportionately targeted minority communities.

Joe Biden is a typical Washington career politician who spent decades building up America’s mass incarceration system and poisoning the public discourse with race-baiting, divisive, and inflammatory remarks. Now he is posing as the candidate who can undo the damage his own policies and rhetoric created. That’s a joke.

President Trump has worked to undo the damage Biden’s racist policies inflicted upon Black Americans, and he’s only just getting started.

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