With Tax Reform Milestone Reached in the House, a Message to the Senate: Overcome Politics to Deliver Americans a Tax Break ASAP

We wish to congratulate the House for passing legislation that embodies the principles of President Trump’s tax reform plan, which will deliver jobs and a pay raise for the forgotten men and women of America who have been sitting on the sideline of this economy for over a decade. President Trump has been fighting to bring economic relief to these hardworking Americans ever since his historic election one year ago.

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Credit Trump for boosting business and fueling our economic growth

This “Trump gets no credit” approach says a lot about how poorly progressive Democrats understand what drives economic growth. It isn’t more government; its less. In his first nine months, President Trump has taken a machete to the Obama era’s rules and regulations that have been choking American businesses like parasitic vines. In fact, a recent analysisby the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a libertarian think tank, found that Trump is deregulating the economy at a pace no other president ever has.

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