June 26, 2020

Army for Trump: Trump Campaign Reaches Voters Across the Country with Diverse Messaging and Outreach

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. hosted 'Army for Trump' featuring Trump 2020 Director of Press Communications Erin Perrine, Trump 2020 Director of Coalitions Hannah Castillo, and Trump Victory Director of Strategic Initiatives Swati Singh.

The participants discussed the Trump Campaign's innovative strategy to bypass the fake news narrative about the President and inform voters directly of his record of accomplishments. The Republican Party is more diverse than ever, and the Trump Campaign is reaching new voters every day with President Trump's message of Promises Made, Promises Kept. Just as President Trump is committed to uplifting every American, the Trump Campaign is working with voters of every background to support the President. The panelists encouraged all Americans to join President Trump's Campaign and listed the variety of ways that supporters can get involved.


"Team Trump is completely redefining the traditional political campaign, and we are reaching out to voters across the country to build up enthusiasm for President Trump's re-election," said Erin Perrine, Trump 2020 Director of Press Communications. "The fake news media is intentionally hiding President Trump's accomplishments, so we are reaching voters directly to inform them of all the President has achieved in just four years."

“The fake news likes to pretend like the Trump Campaign and its supporters aren’t diverse, but as a young Latina and mom I know that we are inclusive and uplifting of all voices," said Hannah Castillo, Trump 2020 Director of Coalitions. "Through our coalitions, the Trump Campaign is reaching out to key voters that sleepy Joe Biden and Democrats take for granted."

"Trump Victory is training and activating volunteers across the country to support President Trump from the grassroots level," said Swati Singh, Trump Victory Director of Strategic Initiatives. "Even though the fake news and radical left will stop at nothing to demonize supporters of the President, we will win this election because of our vast nationwide organizing in support of President Trump."

For more information, visit www.armyfortrump.com

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