June 05, 2020

As Biden Backers Demand Cities ‘Defund the Police,’ Biden Betrays The Thin Blue Line


Not only has Joe Biden failed to expression appreciation for the brave men and women in law enforcement who are putting their lives on the line to do their jobs properly and restore law and order to America’s streets, but he has failed to condemn the string of sometimes fatal shootings and assaults carried out by rioters on over a dozen police officers. When the moment arrived to denounce the violence, Biden only offered “mush” while blaming police officers for “escalating tension.”

Around the country, Biden’s backers are taking “unprecedented” steps to “defund the police.” If they’re successful, these Democrats will leave Americans, particularly minorities, dangerously vulnerable to violence and theft. The Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles is calling for deep cuts to the city’s police department; Minneapolis Democrats are taking steps to “dismantle” the city’s police department altogether; and New York City Democrats are pushing for as much as a $1 billion cut to the NYPD. Let’s be clear: after the widespread mob violence and mayhem we’ve seen recently, this is insane – but Biden has given his tacit approval.

Police officers across America have had enough of Biden’s betrayal. Politico reports that after supporting Biden for Vice President in the 2008 and 2012 elections, the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) is “breaking with Biden” because of his “political posturing” and failure to stand up for law enforcement when they need it most:

  • “[H]e kept moving left and fell off the deep end,” said NAPO executive director Bill Johnson. “[P]olice are shaking their heads because he used to be a stand-up guy who backed law enforcement. But it seems in his old age, for whatever reason, he’s writing a sad final chapter[.]”

  • [H]e would not be considered a law-and-order guy in the sense that law enforcement sees it,” said Fraternal Order of Police executive director Jim Pasco.

When police officers were being assaulted and killed in the streets by left-wing Antifa thugs, Joe Biden sided with their attackers. He betrayed police officers who are rhetorically – and literally – under fire by the radical left. Like most police officers and the majority of Americans, President Trump believes the killing of George Floyd was “sickening and revolting” and demands justice. President Trump stands with the peaceful protesters, but unlike Biden, he will never allow violent riots, mayhem and looting in the streets. And he will certainly never forget to honor the hundreds of thousands of brave men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line to serve and protect Americans of all colors, races, and creeds.

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