July 31, 2020

As Joe Biden Defends Beijing, Americans’ Distrust of China Reaches All-Time High

A new survey from the Pew Research Center shows nearly three in four Americans, including 83% of Republicans and 68% of Democrats, hold an unfavorable view of China—up 26% since 2018. More than two-thirds of Americans “say China has done a bad job dealing with the coronavirus outbreak” and nearly 80% agree that “a great deal or fair amount of the blame for the global spread of the coronavirus” is due to the Chinese government’s response. 

That’s bad news for Beijing Biden. The sharp rise in negative attitudes toward China makes it clear that voters do not agree with Biden’s sympathetic stance towards China. 

Biden repeated Chinese propaganda about the coronavirus and spent decades cozying up to the Chinese government. He attacked President Trump’s restrictions on travel from China as irrational and “hysterical xenophobia.” He blocked attempts to protect human rights in the U.S. trade relationship with China. He said China is “not a problem,” “not bad,” and “not competition,” and said that a prosperous China is in American workers’ “self-interest.” He led the effort to give China “most-favored nation” trading status and even blocked the addition of human rights standards and labor standards on Beijing’s behalf. Unfortunately, Biden’s actions came at the expense of American workers.

While Biden is still defending China, President Trump is keeping his promise to stand up to China and hold the Chinese government accountable. He negotiated a trade deal that puts American workers first, called out China for its coronavirus coverup, and took a hard line on China’s inexcusable intrusions into Hong Kong.

For more than four decades, Beijing Biden has been flat out wrong—and he’s still carrying water for China.

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