June 10, 2020

Biden Opposition to Opening Economy Hurts Black-Owned Businesses


While the Trump Administration has been helping states reopen their economies with increased coronavirus testing capacity and science-backed guidelines that allow Americans to safely go back to work, Joe Biden has taken every opportunity to spread fear and doubt and keep the lockdowns going as long as possible.

Make no mistake: Democrats ignoring President Trump’s advice to reopen their economies are doing so at the expense of their own workers, including Black Americans. A new report found there has been a 41% decline among Black-owned businesses since the lockdowns began, yet some Democrat-run states are taking directions from Joe Biden and keeping their lockdowns in place. For those residents, the recovery will be “especially painful.”

Unlike Biden, President Trump knows that the prolonged and unnecessary lockdowns are taking a severe toll on American workers and their families. While the Trump Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program achieved unprecedented success in keeping millions of workers on the payrolls, all Biden is able to offer struggling workers is a callous ‘too bad.’

President Trump built an economy that delivered unprecedented wins for Black Americans. As The Wall Street Journal reported, before the coronavirus hit, President Trump had built the “best African American job market on record.” Black wages were finally growing after years of stagnation on Biden’s watch, and Black poverty and unemployment hit record lows while Black business owners were “feeling the boom.”

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