June 25, 2020

As President Trump Enforces Accountability, Iran Looks to Joe Biden For A Lifeline

President Trump kept his campaign promise to withdraw the U.S. from Joe Biden’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal. It’s now clearer than ever that that was the right decision, and President Trump’s strategy is working.

One year ago this week, President Trump imposed hard-hitting sanctions on Iran and it’s Supreme Leader. At the time, The New York Times attacked the sanctions for “adding to tensions,” but the paper reported last month that “Iran has moderated its approach to the West, shifting from a policy of provocation to one of limited cooperation. The change reflects an effort to avoid direct confrontation with the United States that the Iranians say could benefit President Trump in the November election.”

It's no secret that Iran is rooting for Joe Biden. He opposed President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign at every turn, opposed bringing Iran’s biggest terrorist to justice, and even used the coronavirus as an excuse to push for easing sanctions on Iran. When Biden was Vice President, he oversaw a sketchy deal with Iran-backed Hezbollah that shielded the terrorist organization's $1 billion drug trafficking enterprise from U.S. law enforcement in exchange for Iran's support for the failed nuclear deal. If Biden is elected, he will reverse President Trump’s strong accountability measures, giving the largest state sponsor of terrorism a massive boost of support and resources. The mullahs would love to return to the days of Biden secretly shipping them pallets of unmarked cash and letting Iran get away with taking Americans hostage.

As former Obama-Biden Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades” – including the mission to go after Osama bin Laden.

President Trump is bringing terrorists to justice, holding the Iranian regime accountable, and putting America First. Just this week, the Trump Administration imposed new sanctions on five Iranian ship captains who delivered gasoline to Venezuela’s socialist dictator Maduro, and imposed new sanctions on Iran’s metal industry. Joe Biden has repeatedly demonstrated that he is too weak and too incompetent to keep Americans safe.

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