May 20, 2020

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Joe Biden Reverts to ‘Xenophobia’ Talking Points


Biden spent weeks attacking President Trump’s commonsense travel restrictions to combat the coronavirus as “xenophobic.” Two months after President Trump acted, Biden’s staff changed his position and claimed he supported the restrictions all along – after public health experts confirmed they saved lives. Ever since, Biden has been desperate to sound tough on China, hoping voters won’t find out about his decades of siding with Beijing over American workers.

But now Biden is back to the “xenophobia” talking points, throwing the term around in remarks this week attacking President Trump’s response to the coronavirus.

Why the whiplash? It’s probably because Biden’s fake tough talk backfired among his supporters, who accused him of trying to be like President Trump. Now Biden is caving to the social justice warriors again.

Biden has never stood up to China and he never will. He opposed President Trump’s China travel restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus; he opposed President Trump’s decision to hold the World Health Organization accountable for hiding China’s cover up of the virus; and he even opposed President Trump’s decision to temporarily halt legal immigration to protect U.S. jobs and wages from foreign competition.

After 44 years as a career politician in Washington, Biden is used to siding with globalist elites who are more concerned about placating the rest of the world than putting America first. The choice for voters in November is between a career politician lecturing about “xenophobia” and a proven president who never hesitates to fight for Americans workers – even when its unpopular.

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