February 11, 2020

Bernie Sanders’ Tax on Workers’ Paychecks Will Hurt Wages​

Bernie Sanders wants to increase taxes on workers' paychecks to fund his socialist fantasy—but the consequences of Sanders’ policies would be terrible for workers.

In fact, a new Tax Foundation study released today confirms his tax hikes will lead to lost wages and fewer jobs. Instead of spreading the wealth around, Sanders’ plan would simply spread misery.

According to the study, Sanders' tax increases on workers' earnings would:

  • Cause all workers to "experience a drop in their after-tax incomes." 
  • Hurt "taxpayers in lower income groups more than higher-income earners." 
  • Jeopardize the creation of 1.5 million new jobs. 

The choice for American families couldn't be more clear: keep the big wage gains for low-income workers and Black Americans created by President Trump’s policies, or roll the dice on Sanders’ regressive socialist experiment that would likely leave you poorer or totally jobless

After years of progress under President Trump, hardworking Americans simply can't afford Bernie Sanders' extreme, socialist agenda:

  • President Trump created nearly 7 million jobs; Sanders' Green New Deal would destroy 11 million fossil-fuel supported jobs and spike workers' electrical bills. 
  • President Trump cut taxes for middle-class Americans; Sanders' will raise taxes on families making as little as $29,000 a year.
  • President Trump is fighting for health care transparency and flexibility, and will protect Americans with pre-existing conditions; Sanders' socialist “Medicare For All” scheme would take away 180 million Americans’ private health insurance plans. 
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