August 20, 2020

Biden-Harris policies cost Lyft & Uber drivers their jobs

The Lyft and Uber ridesharing companies may have to shut down California operations, eliminating the jobs of drivers, because of a new state law backed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The job losses would be the result of a California law, known as AB 5, that harms so-called “gig workers,” by forcing companies to reclassify drivers as employees. The law was supported by both Biden and Harris and now Democrats want to spread it to other states. A judge has granted an emergency stay of the law pending the completion of appeals.

“If you needed any more proof that Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s far-left agenda hurts people, look no further than California, which is waging an all-out assault on workers who are just trying to earn money for themselves and their families. Lyft and Uber drivers’ livelihoods are being threatened thanks to Biden and Harris’s support for a law demanded by liberal special interests who want to take away workers’ opportunity to make their own schedules and participate in a free and open gig economy. This cruel and harmful policy pushed by Biden, Harris and the radical left is a preview of how their agenda will crush the working class across the country if they are elected.”

 - Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director

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