March 25, 2020

Biden uses coronavirus crisis to push radical Green New Deal

While the nation is dealing with the realities of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, Joe Biden today was looking for opportunities to force his Green New Deal onto Americans.  He told reporters he would look for another round of coronavirus relief legislation to ram through the socialist policy that would massively increase regulations and drive energy bills sky high.

Biden said: “[W]e're going to have an opportunity, I believe, in the next round here to use the my green economy my Green Deal or be able to generate both economic growth as consistent with the kind of infusion of monies we need into the system to keep it going.”

“Joe Biden would use the Chinese coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to cram the Green New Deal down Americans’ throats,” said Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director. “This terrible idea would impose massive regulations on businesses and people at the worst time imaginable and would jack up their heating and cooling bills on top of it. Biden cares more about appeasing the extreme fringe of his party than he does about real solutions.  Americans can see that President Trump is laser-focused on the problem while Biden offers nothing but ineffective partisan sniping from the sidelines.”

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