May 26, 2020

Biden’s Ban on Offshore Energy Production Will Kill ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of Jobs

Joe Biden isn’t just rooting against a quick economic recovery – he’s actively campaigning on radical policy initiatives that would kill jobs, raise taxes, and decimate entire sectors of our economy. A new study confirms that one plank in Biden’s plan to destroy America’s energy productionbanning new offshore oil drillingwould lead to “hundreds of thousands of job losses and billions in lost government revenue” over the next two decades.

The global pandemic has already put severe strain on America’s energy manufacturers, threatening the paychecks of millions of U.S. energy workers and the wellbeing of their families. While President Trump is working around the clock to support these workers, Joe Biden is campaigning on bankrupting them, pledging to ban fracking and most recently announcing he would “proudly” stop construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the tens of thousands of jobs that come with it. If there was any doubt about Biden’s commitment to kill these jobs, he put AOC and Bernie Sanders in charge of drafting the battle plans to do it.

President Trump is doing everything he can to protect America’s energy workers in the middle of a global pandemic. Joe Biden is doing everything he can to wipe them out.

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