August 01, 2020

Black Voices for Trump: Real Talk Online! - President Trump Continues to Deliver for the Black Community, Biden Peddles Empty Promises

Joe Biden has spent nearly fifty years in Washington undermining the Black community with his patronizing, liberal agenda, and still has the audacity to declare himself a champion for Black Americans. While President Trump has uplifted Black Americans through his pro-growth economic policies, advancement of school choice, and criminal justice reform, Joe Biden has spent his political career upholding mass incarceration and inner-city poverty. Jennifer S. Carroll, Former Lieutenant Governor of Florida, and Bishop Harry Jackson, Evangelicals for Trump Advisory Board Member, discussed all this and more in tonight's 'Black Voices for Trump: Real Talk Online!' hosted by Katrina Pierson, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor.


"Like all Democrats, Joe Biden is making big promises to the Black community, but he will forget about us as soon as the election is over," said Katrina Pierson, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor. "Black voters need to support President Donald Trump, because he is the only candidate with a consistent record of uplifting Black families and breaking our community out of generational poverty."

"While the radical left promotes violence in Black communities and undermines the law enforcement officers who keep us safe, Joe Biden remains silent because he fears upsetting his socialist base," said Jennifer S. Carroll, former Lieutenant Governor of Florida. "Democrats are only concerned with Black votes, not Black lives. President Trump is the only candidate committed to uplifting the Black community through economic and educational empowerment."

"Joe Biden and other leaders in the Democrat Party speak frequently about uplifting the Black community, but in reality they only care about pushing their socialist agenda," said Bishop Harry Jackson, Evangelicals for Trump Advisory Board Member. "In contrast to Biden,  President Trump has spent his time in Washington promoting the interests of Black Americans and ensuring every community has access to equal opportunities."

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