January 17, 2018

Bob Dole: Congressional Dealmaker, Champion for Veterans and the Disabled, and an American Original

Today, former Senate Majority Leader and GOP nominee for President, Bob Dole, will receive the highest honor bestowed on an American by the U.S. Congress, the Congressional Gold Medal, in recognition of his distinguished contributions to the nation. The Trump Campaign applauds Congress for this recognition of Senator Dole, which is well deserved after the Senator’s lifetime of sacrifice and service.

After returning home from World War II as a wounded warrior, Bob Dole’s service to America didn’t end, but had only just begun. He would go on to become one of the most prolific bipartisan congressional dealmakers in American history, and a major champion for America’s veterans and the disabled.

President Trump formed a special bond with Senator Dole since well-before he took office as President, and has appreciated Senator Dole’s support. This includes when Senator Dole recognized President Trump in July 2017 for his leadership on the world stage, citing “…the strong American leadership being restored by President Trump…(and) the values he has so ably expressed, shared, and defended." The President will appear at the medal ceremony on Capitol Hill today to demonstrate his support for Senator Dole.

Regarding the Congressional Gold Medal honor for Senator Dole, Michael S. Glassner, Executive Director of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., and former longtime advisor to the former Majority Leader, said “We have high regard for Senator Dole and the sacrifices he has made for our nation. President Trump respects a leader who will always put America first, even in the face of opposition from powerful political forces and conventional wisdom. Senator Dole has always been a warrior for America, a prolific bipartisan dealmaker, a major champion for veterans and the disabled, and a true American original. We congratulate him on this high honor today that is so well-deserved.”

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