- December 28, 2016 -

Bringing ‘America First’ to Government Contracts


President-Elect Donald Trump hasn’t waited until Jan. 20 to get to work on policy.

Trump first preserved about 800 Carrier jobs in Indiana — keeping a specific campaign promise and reflecting his broader campaign theme about American jobs. He at least seems to have applied his “Art of the Deal” negotiating skills in pushing Boeing to agree on a cheaper Air Force One, while Lockheed Martin is being pushed on the price of delivering F-35 fighters.

It seems a natural next step would be making American jobs a priority in any future government contracts.


"The Trump method would be the simplest way to go about it, which says: If you move jobs out of the U.S., we'll nail you," Gouré told LifeZette. "The Sanders bill would require massive tracking and auditing of transaction[s] contractors make."

Trump could act on multiple levels without an act of Congress, Gouré said, to prioritize American jobs as part of each future federal contract. This could be handled in part by specifying an America First policy in the request for proposals for procuring contracts.


"The president of the United States should do everything he can to keep companies in the U.S. and the president of the United States should be very tough on companies who have been rigging the entire process of acquisitions to their advantage and the disadvantage of the American people," Gingrich said. "Trump is going to be more like our governor than our traditional sense of a president. Governors intervene. They're aggressive. They're in your face."


Trump understands business and now his business is U.S. employment, which he will likely make part of almost any future deal. 

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