May 27, 2020

Catherine Cortez Masto, ‘Me Too’ Hypocrite

With Senator Cortez Masto headlining tonight’s Women for Biden event despite Tara Reade’s sexual harassment and assault allegations against Joe Biden, her “Me Too” hypocrisy should not go unmentioned.

Cortez Masto willingly participated in the evidence-free, politically motivated smearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Then, Cortez Masto was adamant that women who make allegations must be believed. Despite the lack of evidence, Cortez Masto announced she believed Christine Blasey Ford’s unsubstantiated allegations. Now, she is crassly dismissing a woman who stepped forward with an allegation against Joe Biden, abandoning her principles for political gain.

Cortez Masto even supported Biden’s Title IX initiative that attempted to “overhaul the assumptions on which our legal system is built” and undermined the “ability of the accused, usually men and often men of color, to get a fair hearing” on college campuses. Apparently, Cortez Masto supports holding college students to that standard, but not Biden. If Biden were held to his own standard, he would be guilty.

Tara Reade doesn’t matter to Cortez Masto, whose support for Joe Biden simply cannot be reconciled with her relatively recent statements about believing and supporting women who level allegations of sexual assault:

  • “Sexual assault survivors won't be silenced. They will be heard & supported.”
  • Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had nothing to gain by coming forward. She told her story out of a sense of civic duty. She has done a profound public service to survivors. I am thankful for her courage and patriotism, and I believe her.”
  • “I’m wearing denim to show my support to all of the survivors of rape and sexual assault. Know that I stand in solidarity with you
  • “My time working with survivors has shown me that the epidemic of sexual harassment and sexual assault is bigger than one Senator”
  • It’s critical that survivors of sexual assault feel safe & empowered to come forward.”
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