May 06, 2020

Clear Contrast: While Joe Biden Reads, President Trump Leads

To combat the global coronavirus pandemic, President Trump took swift action that prioritized the health, safety, and financial well-being of Americans. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been sitting in his basement struggling to read pre-written answers and talking points.

These photos tell you all you need to know...  

Joe Biden shows off his coloring "skills". President Trump signs the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, providing real financial support to American families and small businesses. 
President Trump tours the mask production assembly line at Honeywell International Inc. after working with the company to ramp up PPE production for front line health care workers.  Joe Biden struggles to read notes prepared for him by his staff.
Joe Biden gets confused and wanders off screen during a virtual town hall. President Trump speaks directly to the American people and answers questions about his plans for safely reopening America. 
President Trump highlights American workers helped by the tremendously successful Paycheck Protection Program.  Joe Biden eats ice cream in his basement.
Joe Biden does this. President Trump salutes the USNS Comfort, which arrived in NYC ahead of schedule and provided 1,000 hospital beds, 12 operating rooms, and a medical lab.
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