May 28, 2020

CORRECT THE RECORD: More of Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Disinformation Debunked

Tags just delivered a breath-taking takedown of Joe Biden’s ridiculous claims that he called for social distancing guidelines before anyone else and warned in a January op-ed that a global pandemic was upon us (he did neither).

But Biden isn’t just telling fairy tales about his record: he continues to spread disinformation about the Trump Administration’s response to the coronavirus, undermining the reopening of our economy and public health in the process. Make no mistake: Biden is sowing fear and wants to keep America’s economy closed for as long as possible.  

Biden continues to falsely imply coronavirus testing isn’t free.

THE FACTS: Coronavirus testing is free thanks to actions taken by President Trump, and any insinuation otherwise is not only false, but detrimental to public health.

Biden’s dishonest talking points are endangering public health: The Washington Post recently reported that “concerns about costs” are one of the reasons more Americans aren’t getting tested despite testing being “widely available.”

Biden continues to falsely claim that Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans “haven’t gone” to small businesses.

THE FACTS: PolitiFact already debunked this lie. Moreover, there is an abundance of evidence that the PPP program is extraordinarily popular with small businesses, and the second round of PPP funding is projected to protect 28.5 million jobs across all 50 states.

Yet Biden continues to mislead small businesses, discouraging them from applying for funds that could be used to pay workers.

Biden continues to falsely claim that testing capacity is not sufficient to safely reopen the economy.

THE FACTS: Biden should listen to experts like Dr. Fauci, who said a week ago that he was “enthusiastic” that “states and cities can start to reenter and reopen.” Biden should also listen to Democrat governors across the country who have praised testing capacity and taken steps to reopen. From Dr. Fauci to Democrat governors to The Washington Post, it’s clear that testing is “widely available.”

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