January 08, 2020

DANGEROUS: Bernie Sanders Can’t Be Trusted To Defend American Lives


Last week, President Trump took decisive action to eliminate a known terrorist. Qasem Soleimani was a threat to the United States and our allies in the region.

Soleimani was responsible for the December 27th death of American citizen Nawres Hamid, as well as hundreds of American troops over the years. He was actively plotting more attacks on Americans.

Disturbingly, Democrats’ 2020 front-runner, Bernie Sanders, has made it clear he cannot be trusted to protect American lives.

Since Soleimani was brought to justice, Sanders has refused to acknowledge the American blood on his hands and repeated talking points straight from Iran’s Ayatollahs.



Bernie Sanders described Soleimani’s killing as an "assassination" multiple times—just as Iran and Russia have.

  • SANDERS: “I think it was an assassination. I think it was in violation of international law. … [H]e was a ranking official of the Iranian government[.]”
  • SANDERS: "Trump ordered the assassination of a top Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani[.]”

Sanders compared killing Soleimani, a known terrorist, to assassinating innocent government "dissidents."

  • SANDERS: “Russia has been implicated under Putin with assassinating dissidents. So once you’re in the business of assassination, you unleash some very very terrible forces.”

Sanders suggested the U.S. only labeled Soleimani a terrorist to assassinate him and set a bad "precedent."

  • SANDERS: “When you go around assassinating leadership in governments, you are setting a precedent, which says to any country on Earth: hey, all we gotta do is name these people terrorists, call them what you want, and we can assassinate them.” 
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