March 02, 2020

Democrats Threaten Americans’ Access to Health Care

While the Trump Administration is taking proactive steps to combat coronavirus, Democrats are campaigning on their Bernie Sanders-inspired, socialist health care agenda, which would take away Americans’ access to quality health care.

Democrats’ plans to drive millions of Americans off of their private insurance, shutter rural hospitals, and cut off vital private sector vaccine research and innovation would be a dangerous step in the wrong direction.

President Trump is the only candidate fighting to protect Americans’ access to health care and their right to pick their own plan and choose their own doctor, while preserving protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Thanks to Trump Administration reforms, health insurance premiums are finally going down, Americans have better access to Association Health Plans, and progress is being made on curbing the costs of prescription drugs.

In November, Americans will have the opportunity to choose between President Trump’s smart reforms to lower health care costs and preserve patients’ choices, or the Democrats’ dystopian health care nightmare that would rip private health insurance plans away from families, raise their taxes, and close hospitals around the country. 

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