January 21, 2020

Democrats’ Totally Partisan, Incredibly Weak Impeachment is a Waste of Time and Taxpayer Money


House Democrats abused the Constitution by forcing through the weakest and first totally partisan impeachment in American history, and now want a do-over in the Senate. But their hyper-partisan, wasteful, petty antics are why Americans are more tuned out and more opposed to impeachment than they were last year.

Once again, while President Trump is hard at work representing America and conducting foreign policy, Democrats are working to undermine him:

  • In September, President Trump was hard at work at the United Nations when Nancy Pelosi announced impeachment.
  • In December, President Trump was hard at work at NATO when Democrats held an impeachment show trial with liberal professors who donated to Democrats.
  • This month, President Trump was hard at work signing an America-First trade deal with China when Democrats celebrated the articles of impeachment with taxpayer-funded pens and joyous photos.
  • Today, President Trump is hard at work representing America overseas as Democrats hold partisan press conferences to complain about Senate procedures.

Democrats claimed they were sad and somber to impeach the president, but their actions tell a different story:

Democrats orchestrated the first partisan impeachment in American history:

Democrats’ impeachment sham is driven by hatred for President Trump and their refusal to accept the results of the 2016 election:

While Democrats waste time and taxpayer money on their sham impeachment, they are ignoring issues Americans actually care about:

  • "I think it's a terrible idea... I think it's political. 50 years from now I think people are going to really look down upon it." (WATCH)
  • "It's all made up. [Democrats] just want him out. They hate him. They have Trump Derangement Syndrome." (WATCH)
  • “I think some of these people in Congress should just get back to doing their job… they’re not doing anything for us.” (WATCH)
  • “It really makes me angry that Congress is not doing their job. Instead, they're off on this terrible trial to dismantle America[.]” (WATCH)

While Democrats divide the country and waste taxpayers’ time and money, President Trump is hard at work for the American people, delivering on promise after promise:

  • Trump finalized Phase 1 of the new U.S.-China trade deal, a huge win for America's manufacturers and farmers.
  • Trump’s trade deal to replace NAFTA, the new USMCA, just passed the Senate and will soon be signed.
  • Trump’s negotiations with Mexico have resulted in better border security and a huge plunge in illegal border crossings.
  • Trump’s economic policies have caused wages to increase for all Americans, but especially for low-income workers.
  • Trump’s efforts to lower health care costs have yielded real results, with the average benchmark ACA premium decreasing by 4% in 2020 and the cost of prescription drugs decreasing in 9 of the last 13 months when measured on a year over year basis.

Voters can see the difference in priorities: while Democrats’ sole focus is fighting President Trump, President Trump is fighting for the American people.

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