June 03, 2020

Despite Media Criticism, President Trump’s Approach Is Working To Keep The Peace


The majority of Americans agree with President Trump’s support for the peaceful protesters "sickened and revolted” by George Floyd’s killing – and President Trump is also standing with the strong majorities of Americans support the involvement of both the National Guard and, if need be, the U.S. military to end the violence unfolding across America.

Despite relentless media criticism of President Trump’s approach, officials across the country have started following President Trump’s advice to get tough against the bloodshed and violence in the streets. The “massive show of force” worked to “shift momentum” in Minneapolis over the weekend, and mayors and governors across America following President Trump's lead are now working to restore law and order and keep Americans safe:

  • CNBC: “Nationwide tensions appeared to ease Tuesday night… Major cities enacted earlier curfews and beefed up law enforcement resources Tuesday night after days of violence and destruction.”
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Earlier curfews and efforts by protesters to contain the lawlessness were credited with preventing more widespread damage to businesses in New York and other cities overnight.”
  • CNN: “Some mayors said the unprecedented curfews helped prevent violence…Though there were some instances of looting, it was nowhere as widespread nor chaotic as it was Monday night.”
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “St. Louis on Tuesday, one day after heavy violence and destruction downtown, implemented a 9 p.m. curfew. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson earlier Tuesday said 1,000 military troops would be deployed in Missouri… As of 30 minutes after the curfew went into effect, downtown remained quiet.”
  • Washington Post: “Peace largely prevailed on Tuesday night.”

If Democrat mayors and governors had followed the President’s lead earlier, perhaps these American lives could have been saved.

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