May 21, 2020

Doctors Say Democrats’ False Hydroxychloroquine Claims are Endangering Lives


Despite many doctors supporting the prescription of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients, Joe Biden this week compared taking the drug the FDA approved 65 years ago to “injecting Clorox into your blood.” Biden’s allies in the media have slandered the medication at every turn just because President Trump mentioned it, ignoring experts across the country citing the drug’s potential. Instead, the media made up any negative news it could, even if it meant twisting the truth.

Now, according to doctors interviewed by NPR, Democrats’ disinformation campaign to manipulate the public’s perception of this common prescription drug is severely hindering scientists’ ability to enlist patients in medical studies:

  • Dr. Jon Giles of Columbia University noted that hydroxychloroquine is a “very, very safe drug.” And yet, he said, “Pretty much everybody said, well, that's the drug that is dangerous to your heart. Or I talked to friends and they said don't take it, or I saw it on TV that it was dangerous.” Dr. Giles eventually gave up on his study because he couldn’t find enough patients. “Weeks earlier, people were clamoring to enroll,” he said, but when the “news changed,” it became “almost impossible to get anyone interested.”
  • Dr. Christine Johnston from the University of Washington reported similar problems with her study. “We're hearing now from some participants that the study and the drugs feel too political,” she said. “They just don't want to participate at all.”
  • Dr. William O’Neil reported that his hydroxychloroquine study at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit experienced setbacks: “The fact that President Trump is touting this drug means some people are now invested in the idea that hydroxychloroquine won't work.”

“The problem with that is this is not politics; this is life and death,” Dr. O’Neil said. “We're talking about a treatment. Who would be rooting for us not to find the therapy, for God's sakes?”

You know the answer. Joe Biden, Democrats, and their media allies are rooting for hydroxychloroquine to fail so they can score political points against the president. They claim we must listen to the doctors and scientists, but their disinformation campaign relies on doing exactly the opposite. They are hamstringing scientific progress, but they don’t care. They are putting politics over people’s lives, and it’s disgusting.

This comes right after The Washington Post’s report that while coronavirus tests are “widely available,” the disinformation actively being spread by Joe Biden and his campaign has discouraged Americans from getting tested. Now we know the politically motivated attacks from Biden and the media against hydroxychloroquine are similarly hurting public health.

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