- October 15, 2016 -

Donald J. Trump: Remarks on Ending the Opioid Epidemic in America

Donald J. Trump Campaign

Mr. Trump addressed New Hampshire, focusing on ending the threat of opioids in our country and making our nation wealthy again. A Trump Administration will be the agent of change.

Mr. Trump is going to renegotiate trade deals, reduce crime to make our communities safe again, cut taxes and regulations, lift restrictions on American energy, end common core, reduce the cost of college, create affordable childcare, and repeal and replace Obamacare.

A Trump Administration will end the corruption that Senator Clinton and the media stand for. This corruption has become apparent in the WikiLeaks that expose pay to play within the State Department, collusion with the State and Justice Department over the investigation into Hillary’s illegal email server, and the conspiring between the media and Senator Clinton. Hillary bleached 33,000 emails and destroyed 13 devices under Congressional subpoena. The corruption is never ending.

This is the year Americans can say enough is enough. We will not allow for Hillary’s open trade and open borders. Open trade will allow foreign countries to cheat us out of millions of jobs and trillions of dollars. Open borders would allow unlimited immigration.

Mr. Trump’s plan to build a wall will secure and defend our borders and it will keep out cartels, criminals, and drugs.He will end the flow of illegal drugs into our country by working with Border Patrol, ending Sanctuary Cities, dismantling cartels, and  by enforcing aggressive prosecution of illegal drug traffickers.

We will close the shipping loopholes that China and other foreign countries exploit to mail drugs to users and dealers in the U.S.

Mr. Trump will fix the policies and rules that have made the drug problem worse by making it harder for those with an addiction to get the medical help that they need. He will expand incentives for states and local governments to use drug courts and mandated treatments. Access to treatment slots will be expanded and Medicaid policies that obstruct inpatient treatment will be ended.

Accountability will be restored to the Veterans Administration after it has been neglected by our government for so long; and veterans who were prescribed dangerous and addictive drugs were left in the shadows as a result.

Mr. Trump will also solve our economic crisis by fixing our terrible trade deals. Mr. Trump will renegotiate NAFTA, lower the business tax from 35 percent to 15 percent. There will be a 10% tax on money parked overseas, taxes on Americans will be lowered, we will eliminate unnecessary regulations, defend religious liberty, reduce the cost of tuition, rebuild our military, repeal and replace Obamacare, save the 2nd Amendment, and appoint Supreme Court Justices who will uphold and defend the Constitution.

We win this election or we lose the country. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for a government of, by , and for the people.