June 15, 2020

Elizabeth Warren, ‘Me Too’ Hypocrite

Tonight, hypocrite Elizabeth Warren will headline a high-dollar fundraiser for Joe Biden. In light of Tara Reade’s sexual harassment and assault allegations against Biden, Warren’s “Me Too” hypocrisy should not go unmentioned.

Warren proudly and gleefully participated in the evidence-free, politically motivated smearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Then, Warren was adamant that women who make allegations must be believed. But when it comes to Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden, she turns a blind eye.

Warren supports the Title IX standards that Biden set for students on college campuses. If Biden were held to the standards he wanted to force on others, he would be found guilty.

When a woman made allegations against former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg in February, Warren supported her. “Why shouldn’t I believe her?” Warren asked. “I believe the woman … Why would she lie?”

But Tara Reade doesn’t matter to Warren, whose support for Biden simply cannot be reconciled with her relatively recent statements about believing and trusting women who level allegations of sexual assault:

  • “She did it for no personal profit for herself… she did it because she believed it was her responsibility as a citizen. For Brett Kavanaugh to act like he is entitled to this position, and simply declare, 'No, it's not true,' … is wrong. The Republicans have decided that they can just … roll over millions of women who have had it with men who decide that they are entitled and they don't have to listen to complaints about sexual assault.
  • “We stand with her, and with all survivors of sexual assault.”
  • “[Republicans] are demonstrating why most sexual assault survivors never come forward. But it's not too late to do the right thing. Stop shaming Dr. Ford and twisting yourself into knots to ignore this.”
  • “Many survivors of sexual assault choose not to speak out, for a thousand different reasons. But when they do, they deserve to be heard.”
  • Listening to survivors matters. Making your voice heard matters – Dr. Ford proved that today.”
  • “Some [women] make the difficult and personal decisions to come forward and tell their stories, they, like all survivors, are courageous, and they deserve to be heard and treated with respect.”
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