June 05, 2020

EMBARRASSING: Media Pushed Doctored Hydroxychloroquine Study

The Lancet medical journal just retracted a study claiming that coronavirus patients who took hydroxychloroquine had a higher mortality rate. This study was gleefully promoted by the mainstream media in an attempt to discredit and attack President Trump.

When the study was first released, the anti-Trump media went into overdrive, claiming people who followed President Trump’s lead in taking prescription hydroxychloroquine “may die.” They claimed the drug “touted by President Trump is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients," and that his decision to take it was a “war on science.”

But this was all based on a lie. The actual war on science was being waged by the people behind the study and The Lancet. And now the same outlets who pushed the now-retracted study are silent.

The media and Democrats shamelessly lied about coronavirus treatments to attack President Trump, but their lies have more than just political consequences. Doctors say their false claims are endangering lives. In interviews with NPR, scientists noted that the Democrat disinformation campaign about hydroxychloroquine is severely hindering scientists’ ability to enlist patients in medical studies.

Democrats and the media have an obligation to correct their false stories. Americans’ health depends on it.

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