August 12, 2020

Eric Trump: The Democrats are a Party That is Simply Unrecognizable

After Joe Biden's nearly half a century in Washington, Americans have a clear picture of what our nation would look like under his disastrous leadership. Joe Biden oversaw the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression and proudly supported NAFTA, which obliterated hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs across the country. Biden's latest decision to make Kamala Harris his running mate solidifies Joe Biden's complete lurch to the left. While a Biden-Harris White House would result in socialized medicine, trillion-dollar tax hikes, and amnesty for illegal immigrants, President Trump will continue to unleash prosperity for all Americans following his re-election in November.

To highlight President Trump's strong record of success over Joe Biden's failed leadership, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. hosted a tele-rally in Arizona and New Mexico today featuring Eric Trump. On the call, Eric emphasized President Trump's commitment to pro-American, pro-worker policies while Joe Biden has notoriously abandoned every ideal that makes America great.

"The Democrats are a party that is simply unrecognizable," said Eric Trump. "What they would do to our nation with their socialist agenda would be transformational to America forever, and I absolutely mean that. This is not the party of JFK. This is a radical left mob."

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