April 28, 2020

FACT CHECK: Biden Lies About Successful Paycheck Protection Program

After weeks of blocking more funding, the Democrats finally got on board with the Trump Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Now, more American workers are receiving protection and financial relief from the artificial interruption of our economy caused by the coronavirus.

The Administration processed nearly $50 billion in loans in the first 24 hours of the second round, following the incredibly successful first effort to keep workers on small business payrolls during the global coronavirus pandemic. In the first round, the Trump Administration processed more than 14 years worth of loans in less than 14 days.

Given this tremendous success, Joe Biden can do nothing but spread more lies about President Trump’s efforts. Biden continues to snipe from the sidelines, falsely claiming the PPP is not providing support to small business employees.

At best, Biden is extremely confused. Here are the facts:

While Biden mumbles lies in his basement from notes prepared by his staff, President Trump is successfully leading the United States out of the worst global pandemic in our lifetimes – all while prioritizing Americans’ safety and financial well being.

Poor Sleepy Joe just can’t keep up.

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