June 25, 2020

FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Invents Coronavirus Warning and Advice He Never Gave

Joe Biden continues to lie about what he said about the coronavirus and when he said it. If Biden was trying to “warn” people that “a pandemic is coming,” why did he hold in-person campaign rallies until the middle of March?

Here are the facts about the whopper he just told a local TV station in Pennsylvania.

FALSE CLAIM: “We warned him about, as early as January, the middle of January, I was saying a pandemic is coming, we should be prepared, why don’t you use the legislation, the act that’s available to, a Defense Production Act, to make companies move and build the things they need to build, provide the protective gear, build hospitals, et cetera.”


  • Biden’s op-ed appeared on January 27, not “the middle of January.”
  • Biden’s op-ed merely raised “the possibility of a pandemic” “sooner or later.” As The Washington Post Fact Checker stated, Biden’s op-ed was “more of an attack on President Trump … than a detailed plan for action against a possible pandemic.”
  • Both and The Washington Post Fact Checker concluded that Biden did not mention the Defense Production Act until March 18, minutes after President Trump and nearly three weeks after the HHS Secretary.

The Washington Post Fact Checker concluded that Biden did not mention building hospitals until March 12. That is after President Trump did.

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