May 12, 2020

FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Misleads On Testing Capacity


Joe Biden said again this morning he opposes reopening America, instead advising governors to “listen Dr. Fauci” and claiming that President Trump “hasn’t provided the materials” for states to begin to reopen safely.

But governors are, in fact, listening to Dr. Fauci, who helped develop the Trump Administration’s science-based guidelines to reopen America. According to Democrat governorsthey are getting the supplies they need to do so. In just the past day:

  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that several areas of New York already have sufficient testing capacity to begin reopening as early as Friday.
  • Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont explained to MSNBC why he is “confident” his state can begin to reopen safely: “We have doubled the amount of testing in the last week. We're going to double it again in the next week.”
  • New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who last week thanked the Trump Administration for helping the state “double” its testing capacity, announced that his state is “well on our way” to meeting testing capacity goals.
  • Michigan announced that it was able to double its daily testing capacity thanks to the Trump Administration’s efforts.

“It’s clear that America does lead the world in testing,” HHS Assistant Secretary Admiral Brett Giroir explained yesterday“We lead quantitatively… we lead in the diversity of testing… and no one beats America when it comes to quality.”

Those are inconvenient facts for Joe Biden, who would rather scare Americans, spread Chinese government propaganda, and ignore the Trump Administration’s phenomenal accomplishment and nonstop efforts to get states the supplies they need to begin to safely reopen America.

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