June 17, 2020

FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Was Dangerously Wrong About America Reopening


TOPLINE: Biden has no credibility to talk about America’s reopening today because he’s been proven wrong about nearly everything. If Biden had his way, even more Americans would be in lockdown pain. The only plan Biden has for the future of America’s economy involves higher taxes and a War on American Energy that would put millions out of work.    

Joe Biden already lost the economic argument to President Trump, so today he’s stumbling out of his basement bunker and heading to Pennsylvania to attempt to revise history. Biden has no credibility to talk about reopening America: he was dangerously wrong about nearly everything. If Biden had been in charge of leading America’s economy through the global pandemic, Americans would be reading headlines about more lost jobs and economic damage instead of record-breaking jobs reports and retail sales (which Biden predicted would not happen).

If America’s governors had listened to Joe Biden’s disinformation (fortunately even Democrat governors didn’t), America’s economy would still be shut down and the economic pain would be much more far-reaching:

Moreover, Biden will have nothing to say today to the 370,000 Pennsylvania energy workers who will be decimated by Joe Biden’s War on American Energy. He’s already appointed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to draft the battle plans for his war on fracking and natural gas production. Biden himself said he would “sacrifice” these jobs and now speaks about them in the past tense. Under Biden’s economic plan, Pennsylvania’s energy workers and millions more across the country wouldn’t stand a chance. Those who manage to survive Biden’s war on energy would be gut punched by his promise a year ago today to raise taxes on the middle class.

There’s a reason why the last time Biden was in charge the economy suffered the worst “recovery” since the Great Depression. President Trump is the only candidate energy workers and ALL Americans can trust to successfully lead America’s economy through the global pandemic and ensure a Great American Comeback. President Trump supercharged the economy once before, and he will do it again!

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