October 13, 2020

FACT CHECK: President Trump Specifically Warned Seniors About the Coronavirus


Joe Biden is lying to seniors. Speaking to older voters in Florida today, Biden said, “Who was [President Trump] talking about when he says [the coronavirus] affects 'virtually nobody?' He was talking about America's seniors. He was talking about you.”

This is a flat-out lie, and Biden knows it. Here is what President Trump actually said on September 21

  • “Now we know it affects elderly people, elderly people with heart problems and other problems. If they have other problems, that’s what it really affects. That’s it. You know, in some states, thousands of people, nobody young below the age of 18, like nobody. They have a strong immune system, who knows. Take your hat off to the young because they have a hell of an immune system, but it affects virtually nobody. It’s an amazing thing. By the way, open your schools.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnancy addressed this on September 22:

  • “He was referring to young people... COVID has a .01% mortality rate for people under the age of 18. So, it is not a disease that affects young people in the same way as older people which is the exact point the president was making last night.”

Joe Biden himself said on September 16: “Children are less likely to die, although they can. And it’s more likely that their teachers and the elderly grandparents etcetera would be exposed. So the first [vaccines] would go to the people the most susceptible.”

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