March 04, 2020

FACT: Joe Biden Made the Opioid Crisis Worse

Joe Biden just unveiled new policy proposals to combat America's opioid crisis, but nothing can change the fact that Biden did nothing as deaths surged—and in fact, the policies he oversaw while in office actually made the crisis worse. 

In addition to wrecking countless lives with the 1994 crime bill, during his time in the Senate, Biden’s "priority" was legislation that policy experts agree made the opioid epidemic far more deadly

  • Biden pioneered legislation that decreases the likelihood of people to call 911 if they witness a drug overdose and has even led to prosecutors filing homicide charges against drug overdose victims' loved ones. 

Biden took his poor judgement in the Senate with him into the Obama-Biden Administration:

  • Biden oversaw a sketchy deal with Iran-backed Hezbollah that shielded the terrorist organization's $1 billion drug trafficking enterprise from U.S. law enforcement in exchange for Iran's support for the failed nuclear deal.

After four decades of Biden’s failure, President Trump is cleaning up Biden's mess. President Trump kept his promise to fight the opioid crisis, and his unprecedented leadership has led to the first decline in drug overdose deaths in the United States in nearly 30 years.

Joe Biden failed as a Senator. He failed as Vice President. Now, after nearly 45 years in federal office, he's asking for a third chance. If Biden survives the Democrat primary, voters in November will have a clear choice between his failure and empty promises, and President Trump's record of delivering real results and saving lives. 

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