May 05, 2020

FAKE NEWS ALERT: New York Times Prints Fake ‘Projections’ on Front Page


As states follow President Trump’s Guidelines for Opening Up America Again following the peak of the global coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative for the media to present accurate information to the American people. Instead, The New York Times is pushing fake news about a U.S. government “internal document” projecting coronavirus deaths, attempting to increase readers’ anxiety and fear while ignoring the experts and crucial context.

As a White House spokesman made clear yesterday, the document in question is “not a White House document nor has it been presented to the task force or gone through interagency vetting.” The White House noted that “Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health today said this slide deck was a preliminary analyses developed by them and was done to aid in scenario planning – not to be used as forecasts.”

That didn’t stop The New York Times, which chose to stoke fear instead of report the facts. “U.S. quietly fears virus’ daily toll will soon double,” its front page headline screamed today, falsely reporting the document was an “internal forecast” and failing to note the data “had not been vetted” until the very last lines of the story. The Times nevertheless gratuitously concluded that “reopening the economy will make matters worse.”

“Can't believe the NYT made this their print headline,” Nate Silver tweeted. “There is no evidence this is some sort of official White House projection.”

The White House listened to the scientists and experts every step of the way in developing the guidelines to reopening the country. Instead of doing the same, The New York Times is sensationalizing unvetted data and mischaracterizing it because it believes its political agenda it more important than the truth.

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