July 06, 2020

For July 4th, President Trump Celebrated the Spirit of America. Joe Biden Bowed To The Left-Wing Mob.


President Trump delivered a unifying, patriotic, and powerful address at the foot of Mount Rushmore during Friday’s night "Salute To America." In addition to thanking “our wonderful veterans, law enforcement, first responders, and the doctors, nurses, and scientists working tirelessly to kill the virus,” he laid out a muscular defense of America’s Founders, history, and ideals, particularly the pursuit of justice, equality, and liberty for all.

In contrast, Joe Biden's Independence Day message attacked America as a racist hellhole and gave rhetorical cover to the far-left fascist mobs targeting, tearing down and defacing statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Frederick Douglass and other heroic icons of American history.

Nowhere did Biden express pride in America.

BIDEN: "Our country was founded on an idea: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’ We've never lived up to it."

TRUMP: "No nation has done more to advance the human condition than the United States of America. And no people have done more to promote human progress than the citizens of our great nation... Make no mistake: this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution. In so doing, they would destroy the very civilization that rescued billions from poverty, disease, violence, and hunger, and that lifted humanity to new heights of achievement, discovery, and progress. To make this possible, they are determined to tear down every statue, symbol, and memory of our national heritage.”

BIDEN: “Jefferson himself didn’t. He held slaves. Women were excluded.”

TRUMP: “Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their own country, and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but that were villains. The radical view of American history is a web of lies — all perspective is removed, every virtue is obscured, every motive is twisted, every fact is distorted, and every flaw is magnified until the history is purged and the record is disfigured beyond all recognition… By tearing down Washington and Jefferson, these radicals would tear down the very heritage for which men gave their lives to win the Civil War… They would tear down the principles that propelled the abolition of slavery in America and, ultimately, around the world, ending an evil institution that had plagued humanity for thousands and thousands of years.”

BIDEN: “But once proposed, it was an idea that couldn’t be constrained. It survived the ravages of the Civil War, the dogs of Bull Connor, the assassination of Martin Luther King, and more than 200 years of systemic racism. And just weeks ago, the murder of George Floyd.”

TRUMP: “We will proclaim the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, and we will never surrender the spirit and the courage and the cause of July 4th, 1776… In the face of lies meant to divide us, demoralize us, and diminish us, we will show that the story of America unites us, inspires us, includes us all, and makes everyone free. We must demand that our children are taught once again to see America as did Reverend Martin Luther King, when he said that the Founders had signed ‘a promissory note’ to every future generation. Dr. King saw that the mission of justice required us to fully embrace our founding ideals… He called on his fellow citizens not to rip down their heritage, but to live up to their heritage… We will raise the next generation of American patriots… And we will teach our children to know that they live in a land of legends, that nothing can stop them, and that no one can hold them down. They will know that in America, you can do anything, you can be anything, and together, we can achieve anything.”

BIDEN: "American history is no fairy tale. It’s been a constant push-and-pull between two parts of our character: the idea that all men and women – all people – are created equal, and the racism that has torn us apart."

TRUMP: "Thanks to the courage of those patriots of July 4th, 1776, the American Republic stands today as the greatest, most exceptional, and most virtuous nation in the history of the world… Our movement is based on lifting all citizens to reach their fullest, God-given potential. Never forget: We are one family and one nation… This great heritage belongs to citizens of every background and of every walk of life. No matter our race, color, religion, or creed, we are one America, and we put America first. We will not allow anyone to divide our citizens by race or background. We will not allow them to foment hate, discord, and distrust. We will hold fast and true to the sacred loyalties that link us all as neighbors, as Americans, and as patriots… Those that are lying about our history, those who want us to be ashamed of who we are, are not interested in justice or in healing. Their goal is demolition.”

BIDEN: “We have a chance now, to give the marginalized, the demonized, the isolated, the oppressed, a full share of the American Dream. We have a chance to rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country. We have a chance to live up the words that founded this nation.”

TRUMP: "The patriots who built our country were not villains, they were heroes whose courageous deeds improved the Earth beyond measure. The beauty and the glory of our constitutional system is that it gives us the tools to fight injustice, to heal division, and to continue the work of our Founding Fathers by expanding and growing the blessings of America. If you believe in justice, if you believe in freedom, if you believe in peace, then you must cherish the principles of our founding and the text of our Constitution… It is a firm foundation upon which all progress is achieved. That’s why our country is so strong, even despite terrible things that happen over the generations.”

BIDEN: “This Independence Day, let’s not just celebrate the words. Let’s celebrate that promise, and commit to work – the work we must do to fulfill that promise. We remain locked in the battle for the soul of this nation. But believe me – truly – it’s a battle we can and we will win if we act together.”

TRUMP: “We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed. Every child, of every color — born and unborn — is made in the holy image of God… This is who we are. This is what we believe. And these are the values that will guide us as we strive to build an even better and greater future… Uplifted by the titans of Mount Rushmore, we will find unity that no one expected; we will make strides that no one thought possible. This country will be everything that our citizens have hoped for, for so many years, and that our enemies fear — because we will never forget that American freedom exists for American greatness. And that’s what we have: American greatness.”

President Trump's message on Fourth of July weekend was a resounding and spirited defense of what makes America great. Instead of leadership, Joe Biden bowed to mob that runs his party. He is simply too weak to stand up to the radicals to want to destroy our country.

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