February 14, 2017

Gallup poll finds clear majorities of Americans see Trump as strong leader who keeps promises

A Gallup poll released Monday found clear majorities of Americans believe President Trump "keeps his promises, is a strong and decisive leader, and can bring about changes the country needs."

When asked to evaluate whether the phrase "keeps his promises" applies to Trump, 62 percent of respondents responded affirmatively. Fifty-nine percent replied affirmatively when questioned on whether he is a "strong and decisive leader" and 53 percent agreed that he "can bring about the change this country needs."

President Trump scored lowest with respondents when asked whether he is "honest and trustworthy," a notable disconnect considering they gave him the highest marks for keeping promises.

The poll, based on telephone interviews with a random sampling of 1,035 adults, was conducted Feb. 1-5 while the president's job approval rating was at 42 percent. Its margin of error is ±4 percent.

Gallup highlighted a correlation between these trends in public opinion and Trump's message on Inauguration Day, noting, "The characteristics that Americans are most likely to say apply to Trump clearly reflect the key message of his inaugural address and his actions since taking office over three weeks ago."

"He made a large number of promises during his presidential campaign, and Americans give him the most credit for following through on those promises," Gallup wrote, crediting President Trump's Cabinet appointments and executive orders for shaping people's beliefs about his leadership style.

As news broke Monday night that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn resigned from his position as Trump's national security adviser, the president's ability to keep promises will certainly be tested.

Given that a major theme of the president's campaign involved cleansing Washington of corruption, now that one of his most touted appointees is facing serious ethics investigations, the White House's response to inquiries about the chain of events leading to his resignation will likely make a significant impact on the opinions captured in this Gallup poll.

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