May 22, 2020

Gov. Whitmer Confirms Coronavirus Testing Widely Available in Michigan


TOPLINE: Democrat governors – now including his own VP candidate Gov. Whitmer – are increasingly debunking Joe Biden’s lies and misinformation about testing capacity, which is dangerously undermining America’s public health and stopping Americans from getting tested.

Joe Biden repeated the lie last night that “the vast majority of the American people can’t go get a test.” This is demonstrably false. The Washington Post this week confirmed that coronavirus testing is “widely available” and that testing supply is now far higher than demand. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed that his state has a “new problem” of not having enough people to be tested, and Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said this week that his state now has sufficient testing capacity to test anyone, with or without symptoms.

Even Gov. Whitmer, who is auditioning (unsuccessfully) to be Biden’s VP, is finding it difficult to keep up with Biden’s lies. Last night Gov. Whitmer told CNN that she herself got a coronavirus test, even though she had no symptoms nor came into contact with anyone infected, to show Michiganders that “it is an easy thing to do…We should all be getting tested.” If testing is as scarce as Biden claims, why is the Governor of Michigan taking a test for no reason?

Yet Joe Biden continues to spread his misinformation about coronavirus testing, dangerously undermining public health in the process. A new poll finds 73% of Americans mistakenly believe there is not enough testing capacity for Americans to get tested. As the Washington Post reported, this false sense of scarcity – that Joe Biden is actively spreading – is causing Americans to avoid getting tested, despite an abundance of testing supply.

If for no other reason than protecting America’s public health, Joe Biden should cut the lies and misinformation about U.S. testing capacity. Instead, he should follow President Trump’s lead and encourage all Americans who want a test to get a test.

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